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  1. Rhonda Findlay
    16th February 2016

    Hi Fiona, I recently purchased a guitar necklace from you and you sent me a free, very cool, pussycat necklace as a gift. THANK YOU.

    As I signed into Ebay as a guest, I can’t seem to leave feedback, sorry.

    I follow a band and the bass guitarist plays a red and black guitar, how cool to find that to give him for his 50th birthday!!! Today’s useless trivia for you lol

    Cheers and thanks Rhonda

  2. Julia Lessere
    24th February 2016

    Dear Fiona Cartledge,

    My name is Julia, and i am currently working on my final dissertation for my BA in Media Communication at the London College of Communication.
    My aim is to understand the functions and mechanisms of subcultures, and its importance to the youth in their development. I will be focusing on the ways youth have captured the energy contained in subcultures in order to contest establishment and popular culture. I am specifically writing about the Punk movement. I became intrigued by your experience in the London punk movement after stumbling upon your instagram (through our mutual friend Bruno Wizard). I would be honoured to interview you. My aim through this interview would be to gain insights on how you, as a young teenager, have experienced this movement and what it has provided for you.
    I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Best regards,
    Julia Lessere

    Year 3 (BA) Media Communications
    London College of Communication UAL

  3. Adam
    7th March 2016

    Hello Fiona,

    I was prompted to get in touch after reading an article on the Dazed website.


    Thank you for sharing all these photos online, I take a lot of influence from the graphic design and clothing from this era and I wish I was of age to have been going to your shop! From photos that I’ve seen online it looks like an incredible place to have and have been a part of.

    I read somewhere that in this rea clothing styles would fly in and out by the minute and as your shop stocked them I wanted to know if you could help me with some research.

    I am after more information on a photo taken by Ted Polhemus –


    I am currently redesigning this ‘nice tripsies’ t-shirt and wanted to know if you had ever seen it, know of somewhere or someone who did it or point me in the right direction. I’ve asked Ted and his own memories of it only go back to taking the photo, nothing else.

    Please help me solve this!

    I look forward to your response.



    • Fiona Cartledge
      27th April 2016

      thank you for you kind words it was a fun time ! i have no idea re the tee shirt the best bet is to put it in a Facebook group on rave and someone will know !

  4. Ben
    4th April 2016


    Just wanted to find out if there are any shops where your book is still available or if there’s any plans to print more?

    Thanks 🙂


    • Fiona Cartledge
      27th April 2016

      at the moment no -but if that changes i will let you know fx


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